While many are copying Meghan Markle's chic style, a rhinoplasty specialist says patients are willing to go under the knife to get the actress' nose

By Stephanie Petit
December 04, 2017 03:00 PM

You may not be able to become a princess, but you can get her nose.

While many are copying Meghan Markle‘s chic style — the accessories she wore for her debut outing with Prince Harry immediately sold out! — New York-based rhinoplasty specialist Dr. David Cangello says patients are willing to go under the knife to get the former Suits actress’ nose.

The surgeon tells PEOPLE that the narrow and well-defined bridge and tip of Markle’s nose are why it’s so enviable.

“Overall her nose balances nicely with the rest of her facial features,” he says. “Many patients seek nasal proportions similar to Meghan’s when describing their ideal nose during consultation.”

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Cangello reveals that the interest in the 36-year-old’s features has increased in the past few months, as her relationship with Prince Harry appeared to become more serious.

“I think that has contributed to the increased visibility of Meghan in the media to the public,” he says. “And as the public has gotten a closer look at her they have become more interested in her physical appearance.”

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Celebrities are often looked to when patients are describing their ideal nose, and Cangello says Kate Beckinsale is one star that comes up often.

Kate Beckinsale
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However, he hasn’t gotten any requests for Kate Middleton‘s nose.

“Kate [Middleton] is obviously a beautiful woman with beautiful features but there are certain characteristics/proportions of facial features that are considered ‘aesthetic ideals’ and Meghan’s nose comes closer to approaching those ideals,” Cangello explains. “That being said, it goes to show you that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to defining what features are considered attractive or beautiful.”

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However, Cangello has a few tips on what to expect when deciding if a nose job is the right choice for, no matter whose face was the inspiration.

“Realize you may not be able to emulate your fave celeb or public figure’s nose,” the surgeon explains. “It’s always great to bring photos to give an idea of the results you want, but sometimes surgeons can’t meet them.”

He also suggests doing your research to find a doctor who performs rhinoplasty often and request to see — and be impressed by — before and after photos of previous patients.

“Experience doesn’t always translate to superior aesthetic results,” he says. “Both technical expertise and artistry are key, so check out your surgeon’s work.”