Meghan Markle's Look-Alike? Some People Think This Mom of 2 Is the Duchess' Twin

Akeisha Land is a mommy blogger and runs her daughter Greyson's Instagram account

Duchess, is that you?

A Missouri mom blogger and influencer had social media users doing a double take after she shared a photo of herself, revealing her uncanny resemblance to none other than Meghan Markle.

Akeisha Land became an overnight internet sensation on Monday when she shared a sweet selfie of herself and her daughter Greyson.

Land runs her daughter’s Instagram account and the page is mostly filled with adorable photos of her children and not much of Land and her husband.

So, when she posted the selfie with Greyson, fans immediately mistook her for the Duchess of Sussex. Not only does Land have the same hair color as Meghan, but the two both sport soft smirks.

“You very much look like Markle! Your [sic] beautiful! But let’s hope your as beautiful INSIDE! Your whole family are beautiful,” one Instagram user commented.

“Even I had to sit here and say to myself… ‘ain’t that Meghan?'” another user wrote.

“Omg I thought you were Meghan Markle for a sec ?, so cute❣️❣️,” a different user said.

Greyson Land, Meghan Markle
Greyson Land/Instagram; Chris Jackson/Getty

The post also prompted followers to scour through all of the photos shared on the account, leaving comments about how much Land looks like Meghan on almost every photo that she shared of herself.

“Omg Meghan,” one user wrote on a selfie of Land and her son from August 2019.

Greyson Land
Greyson Land/Instagram

As for whether or not Land is liking the new royal treatment, she said she’s both flattered and overwhelmed.

“It’s been crazy,” Land told E! News. “The outpouring of comments that have been coming in just off a photo I posted of me and Greyson. Literally every comment about me. It’s very different! I’m not used to being in the forefront. I’m used to it being about my kids. It’s overwhelming.”

“I take it as a huge compliment. I think she’s gorgeous,” Land told the outlet.

Meghan Markle US Open
Meghan Markle. J. Conrad Williams, Jr./Newsday via Getty

As the comparisons continue to pour in, Land told E! that she would be open to making appearances on Meghan’s behalf.

“I was joking and told one of the commenters on my post I need to reach out to her people and tell them if they ever need a doppelgänger. If they want me to go to a party as her, I’m your girl,” Land said.

Land did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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