Meghan Markle hasn't missed a beat when it comes to her royal duties!

By Erin Hill
March 12, 2018 12:17 PM

Meghan Markle hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to her royal duties!

The future royal bride-to-be was caught on camera singing along to the national anthem, “God Save the Queen,” during the Commonwealth Day church service at Westminster Abbey on Monday. And she gave a flawless performance as she sang along with the congregation as her future grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, arrived at the Abbey.

Twitter took notice of her rendition, praising her for a job well done.

After Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry in November, the royal family announced that she intends to become a citizen of the United Kingdom after she weds.


A spokesperson for the family said it’s “too early to say” if Markle will retain her American citizenship after she becomes a British citizen. While she’s going through the process to become a British citizen, she will remain an American citizen.