Meghan Markle Included a Special Nod to Princess Diana During Her Clothing Launch!

The Duchess of Sussex owns a number of pieces of Princess Diana's jewelry collection, including an aquamarine ring Meghan debuted on her wedding day

Meghan Markle modeled pieces from her new clothing collection for its launch on Thursday — and she chose meaningful accessories to complement them.

The Duchess of Sussex wore butterfly earrings previously worn by Princess Diana during a trip to Canada on May 3, 1986 — a year after she gave birth to Prince Harry. Although Meghan’s bouncy blowout mostly hid the special pieces, fans caught glimpses of them as she tucked her hair behind her ears.

Meghan, 38, also stacked gold bangles on her right arm, including another heirloom from her late mother-in-law — a cuff bracelet featuring diamonds and blue stones that Diana wore while visiting the Lord Gage Centre for Old People, a Guinness Trust Home, in East London in 1990.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex Princess Diana
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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
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Meghan previously wore Princess Diana’s butterfly earrings and gold bracelet during her and Prince Harry‘s royal tour Down Under in October. Upon their arrival in Sydney, Australia, Meghan paired the pieces together with a fitted white sleeveless dress by Australian designer Karen Gee.

That was a beautiful symbol and a lovely gesture,” jeweler Pippa Small previously told PEOPLE. “She made them look totally contemporary, and it really showed the emotional value of jewelry.”

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Meghan also has Princess Diana’s emerald cut Aquamarine ring, which the late royal wore to a 1996 gala dinner in Australia. The Duchess of Sussex debuted the piece as she stepped out for her wedding reception sporting a custom silk Stella McCartney evening dress, and Meghan wore the ring again in Tonga during the couple’s fall tour.

Steve Parsons - WPA Pool/Getty Images; Tim Graham/Getty Images

Prince William and Prince Harry inherited their mother’s amazing jewelry collection and very little of it has since been seen in public. Now that they are married, and their wives are going to more formal events alongside their husbands, jewelry experts suggest that the public will see more.

In addition, the Duchess of Sussex’s engagement ring is made up of three diamonds, with one large stone in the center flanked by two smaller stones on the sides. The two side stones are from his late mother, Princess Diana’s personal collection, while the center stone is from Botswana, a country that is close to Harry’s heart.

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