Meghan Markle didn't just bring a new dog to her household — she added a dose of girl power

By Stephanie Petit
October 04, 2018 11:18 AM

Although Harry confirmed the newlyweds did get a new dog together, they are still keeping the pooch’s name hush-hush.

During her busy day visiting Sussex for the first time with Prince Harry on Wednesday, Meghan let it slip that the couple’s new dog is a “she” when the Duchess of Sussex revealed that people keep “getting her name wrong.”

The pooch was clearly on the couple’s mind during their visit. In addition to stopping to pet dogs during their walkabout, Prince Harry was also overheard telling a group of people, “My name is Harry. I have two dogs with my lovely American wife,” referring to both their new addition and the beagle Meghan rescue in 2015, Guy.

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Prince Harry greets a dog in Sussex
Press Association via AP Images
Meghan Markle pets a dog in Sussex

During the royal’s stop at the Survivors’ Network, a Brighton-based group for survivors of sexual abuse, they were gifted with a unique and thoughtful drawing featuring the rescue pup.

When meeting director Jay Breslaw presented the framed photo, he told them, “We had a local artist do an intersectional feminist print of your dog.”

Harry — clearly thinking he was referring to the new furry addition into their family — laughed and said, “No one’s even seen our dog!”

The duo quickly realized the star of the art piece was Guy.

“How lovely!” Meghan said as she examined the drawing. “Look at the little freckles on his face!”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Drawing of Meghan Markle’s dog, Guy
Courtesy Survivors Network

Before moving to London, Meghan had two rescue pups at her home in Toronto. Guy relocated with her across the pond while the other, Bogart, was gifted to friends.

Harry revealed during their engagement interview in November 2017 that Queen Elizabeth’s corgis were immediately fond of her — while Harry had spent “the last 33 years being barked at. This one walks in, absolutely nothing,” he said. Meghan added, “They were laying on my feet during tea!” Harry responded, “Just wagging tails. I was like argh!”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Ireland

The couple’s animal attraction was on full display in July during their trip to Ireland.

During the second day of their royal tour, Meghan and Prince Harry met with President Michael Higgins and his wife Sabina at their official residence. The newlyweds were greeted by their hosts’ Bernese mountain dogs, Brod, a male, and Sioda, a female, on a walk around the grounds.