Meghan Markle Talks Baby at Buckingham Palace Party: 'We're Nearly There!''

"I look different than when you saw me last!" the Duchess of Sussex said to a guest

Meghan Markle is just weeks away from welcoming her first child with Prince Harry — and it’s not just on the minds of the parents-to-be!

During a special reception at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, guests couldn’t help but ask the Duchess of Sussex how she was doing in her third trimester.

“I look different than when you saw me last!” Meghan told Alun Cairns, Secretary of State for Wales. (Many of the guests invited to the reception are involved in charities and organizations the royal family regularly works alongside.)

“How are you doing?” Cairns replied. “I’m sure everyone is asking.”

“No, it’s actually very sweet,” Meghan continued. “It’s a very sweet, nurturing thing to ask. We’re nearly there!”

“How’s everything else going in Cardiff?” she then asked him.

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Cairns went on to talk to her about the success of Hiut Denim, a small company in Wales that received a global boost when Meghan wore a pair of their jeans last year.

Meghan wore the brand’s Dina jeans in black during an official tour of Cardiff with her Harry last year. And it meant major changes for Hiut, the denim label owned by husband-and-wife duo David and Clare Hieatt.

“The Meghan Markle Effect is real!” David Hieatt, who owns the denim label with his wife, Claire, previously told PEOPLE.

“Meghan is picking companies with a purpose or a mission — or dare I say it, a soul,” said Hieatt. “We have the skills here, and that’s what we are fighting for.”

Meghan and Harry are currently putting the final touches on their new home in Windsor. And after celebrating her baby shower with close friends in New York City last month, Meghan is back to official royal business, showing no signs of slowing down ahead of her April due date.

“She’s a worker; she loves to work,” a source told PEOPLE. “She loves to do good. So for her, it’s just fun.”

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