Meghan and Harry Wedding Beer is Here — and It's Made from American and English Hops!  

The barley is grown on Queen Elizabeths' farm, too

There’s now at least one sure way to celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in true British style.

The Windsor & Eton Brewery — just a five-minute pub crawl from St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, where Harry and Meghan will tie the knot on May. 19 — has crafted a unique royal wedding beer to commemorate the special day.

Named Harry & Meghan’s Windsor Knot, the pale ale is brewed from barley grown on Queen Elizabeth‘s very own Windsor farm, plus champagne yeast and a delicate blend of British and American hops.

“It gives a nice story about Harry & Meghan’s backgrounds,” says Willie Calvert, co-owner of the Windsor & Eton Brewery. “We’re using some nice, fruity hops from Yamika in Washington State, and some English hops, which are more subtly flavored. English hops tend to be more of a grassy, textured flavor — a bit more like hay — whereas New World hops have more sunlight and are more strongly flavored.”

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The pale ale will be on sale beginning on March 28 at the Royal Farm Shop in Windsor and available in the pubs of London and Windsor in time for the wedding. The bottle includes a label design that features a tie combining the Union Jack and the Star & Stripes as one — and has two interlocking male and female symbols “to reflect the strength and support they give each other”.

Adds Calvert: “The brewery was less than one year old when Prince William and Kate were married in St Paul’s Cathedral in 2011, and because we have quite a close connection to the castle it was the most natural thing to do a special beer.

Windsor & Eton Brewery; Inset: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty

“We called it Windsor Knot, which is a bit of a pun really as the Windsor Knot is a way of wearing a tie, but it also reflected the royal Windsor family tying the knot. It was such a popular beer that we still make it today.

“So, when it came to this wedding, it was natural to do a beer for Harry and Meghan too.”

Which just leaves the big question of whether the happy couple will get to sample a pint or two of the extra-special ale themselves?

“We’re going to send a sample to them, but it takes a little bit of organizing,” says Calvert. “We did the same for William and Kate and some of it got through to them, some of it didn’t!”

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