Meet the Royal Wedding Guest, 15, Who Is Carrying on Princess Diana's Legacy

The invitation "was a total surprise," says Faith Dickinson, who founded a charity for kids with cancer

Among the royal wedding guests at the union of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is a young woman who is carrying on the legacy of Harry’s late mother.

Canadian student Faith Dickinson, 15, was recognized last year by the Diana Award for her charity Cuddles for Cancer, which provides handmade blankets to cancer patients.

Faith is heading to the U.K. with her parents, Carrie and Mike, and is set to attend the May 19 wedding along with several other youths from the Diana Award, named for Princess Diana.

While Faith and her family are in London, “we are going to take some blankets to Great Ormond Street Hospital,” Faith tells PEOPLE. “We don’t know how many yet, but our carry-on will definitely be blankets! We are figuring out whether to ship some beforehand too.”

Courtesy Faith Dickinson

Faith established her organization after seeing her aunt, who was suffering from Stage 4 cancer, shiver with cold during her treatments.

The teen was honored by Harry and his brother Prince William at a special ceremony marking Diana’s legacy last spring.

She says of the coveted invite, “[Diana Award CEO] Tessy Ojo called me and told me the news. She told me through email that we were going to catch up about Cuddles for Cancer, but when she told me about the wedding and it was a total surprise.”

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She met Harry last year and says, “he was so down-to-earth, so personable and very nice. And I think he and Meghan make a great couple.”

She recently opened a drop-in location in her hometown of Lakefield, Ontario, for volunteers to come in weekly and make the blankets because they can’t make them at their homes due to smoking or pets. “I’m also going to open one in Alberta and maybe one in London because we have had some interest!” she adds.

“There is always the hope of meeting the couple, but if not it is such a great honor to be there at the ceremony.”

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