The Greek princess is ready for her big debut

By Caris Davis
November 03, 2015 05:35 PM
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

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As if being born a princess wasn t enough of a dream come true, Greece s Princess Theodora is making strides in having a career as a glamorous Hollywood actress.

But her journey from Greek royalty to Hollywood royalty didn t happen overnight.

“I decided I wanted to act when I was quite young in school,” the English-educated goddaughter of Queen Elizabeth told the Greek Reporter.

“I was really shy and it helped me get over that,” the 32-year-old daughter of Greece’s former King Constantine II and Princess Ana Maria of Denmark said.

Like her distant cousins – Prince William and Prince Harry – Theodora was born at London’s St. Mary’s Hospital.

She’s also in the line of succession to the British throne.

But blue blood doesn’t open Hollywood doors, according to the princess, who works under the stage name Theodora Greece.

“I don’t think my background has been either an obstacle or a blessing,” she said. “I put it aside and focus on the job. People get to know your background eventually, but not right away.”

After a gap year in Australia’s rugged Alice Springs, followed by a degree at Brown University in the U.S., Princess Theodora moved to Los Angeles in 2010, where she paid her showbiz dues in various stage roles.

For three years she has been visible on American screens in the beloved soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful portraying Alison Montgomery, assistant to Bill Spencer Jr. at Spencer Publications.

Now, the international premiere of the Mexican movie El Gran Pequeno in Spain marks her breakthrough into feature films.

To celebrate, Princess Theodora posted an Instagram photo on her Twitter feed, showing her in costume for her role in the film, which is set in America in the 1940s.

Theodora insists that despite her cosmopolitan upbringing, she’s true to her Hellenic roots, often returning to the homeland of her father – who in 1974 was deposed as its monarch. She has plans to visit during the holidays this winter.

“And I always go back to Greece every summer,” she added.