Long live Marvin the Hamster!
Credit: Twitter

It’s been months since there has been any news about the royal family’s pet hamster, Marvin, but Princess Kate name-dropped the regal furball on Wednesday, putting to rest any fears of Marvin’s demise.

While visiting with teens at a youth center in South Wales, Kate updated them on the royal family’s pets, including cocker spaniel Lupo and Marvin the Hamster.

“She was saying the dog was fine and that they also had a really small hamster,” Craig Davies, 15, told PEOPLE.

Royals attends Christmas Day Church service
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In May 2016, the royal mom of two revealed to a group of school children that her family had a tiny new member.

During a chat with kids at the new Magic Garden playground at Hampton Court Palace, 9-year-old Darcey reported that the royal mom “said she had a hamster, and [Princess] Charlotte really likes it because the whiskers always tickle her face.”

Marvin quickly became a new royal favorite, even earning his own fan-based Twitter account.

Christine Frazier, the Twitter user behind the illustrated version of the royal family’s new furry friend, has created several new drawings of the adorable hamster getting into some royal hijinks!

“This hamster is a totally normal hamster living in a ridiculous world,” Frazier, who is American, told PEOPLE in June. “I was thinking, ‘If it’s a normal hamster, maybe he’s normal like me, and he’s obsessed with the royals like I am.’ ”

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