"I think she probably has people who pretty much tell her what is appropriate for her to wear," the author said
Credit: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/Getty; Chris Jackson/Getty

While Princess Kate may have many style fans around the globe, Margaret Atwood is not one of them.

The Canadian author, 75, answered an audience question about her opinions on the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion sense at a discussion on Fashion and Fiction at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum on March 13. And unlike most royal family fans, Atwood was unimpressed.

“I think she dresses quite uneventfully,” the Handmaid’s Tale author said with a chuckle.

But Atwood blames the team of advisers behind the scenes steering the Duchess, 33, clear of dramatic garment choices.

“I think she’s watching her back. I think she probably has people who pretty much tell her what is appropriate for her to wear,” Atwood answered, which was captured in a video on YouTube after the event and only went viral recently.

“I don’t think she’s become the fashion plate that [Princess] Diana was, and I think she’s probably doing that advisedly, wouldn’t you say?” the iconic writer asked the moderator, British journalist Rosie Goldsmith, who simply responded, “No comment!”

But perhaps Atwood isn’t the best judge when it comes to the princess’s royal closet: “To be honest with you, I haven’t paid that much attention. But why would I, really? Too old,” she said, receiving laughs from the audience.

Despite Atwood’s opinions, the expectant mom, who is scheduled to welcome the second royal baby this month, is still grabbing headlines with her feminine maternity style.

“If ever there was a time to look feminine this would be it,” Tatler magazine editor Sophie Goodwin recently told PEOPLE of Middleton’s pre-baby beauty routine.

“She will go for bouncy hair with lots of wave and shine and only a bit of make up,” she added.

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