The Queen perfectly matched the branding of the new train line

By Simon Perry
February 23, 2016 02:00 PM

All aboard!

Queen Elizabeth has had cruise liners, roads and hospitals named after her – now she can add rail line to the list.

On Tuesday, it was announced that the new $2.2 billion track crossing London from east to west will be named the Elizabeth Line.

And – in keeping with its purple branding color – the Queen, 89, wore the lovely shade (made by in-house couturier Angela Kelly) as she visited a site in the center of London where construction work on the new line is ongoing.

The Queen was all smiles in the lilac wool crepe dress with matching coat and hat – and it’s a royal rewear! She last wore the outfit in November 2013 when Prince Harry brought the the Walking with the Wounded team to meet her at Buckingham Palace.

Samir Hussein/WireImage

London’s Mayor Boris Johnson came up with the idea of honoring the monarch with the name for the line.

“Queen Elizabeth has given extraordinary service to this country over and unprecedented period and it is entirely right that she should be honored with a living tribute that will last for decades,” he said.

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The line is set to fully open in December 2018 and is expected to carry 200 million people per year.

Although she is more accustomed to travel by her chauffeur-driven royal Bentley or horse-drawn carriages on formal occasions, she was the first royal to travel by underground “tube” train when she opened the Victoria Line in 1969. The Jubilee Line, which is branded silver, was unveiled by her son, Prince Charles, in 1977 to mark her 25 years on the throne.

And the Queen wasn’t the only Elizabeth enjoying the momentous day – a woman by the name of Elizabeth Line in New York hilariously took to Twitter to accept the “honor.”

The announcement of the Elizabeth Line comes as the Queen marks some impressive milestones. Last year, she become the U.K.’s longest-reigning monarch, bumping out her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, for the top spot, and in April, she will celebrate her 90th birthday.