Kristen Stewart's Most Unusual Princess Diana Comparisons — from Mr. Rogers to a Feral Cat

Kristen Stewart has said she felt like Princess Diana's spirit gave her "the sign-off" to star in Pablo Larraín's Spencer

Kristen Stewart is seen arriving at the 78th Venice International Film Festival on September 03, 2021 in Venice, Italy
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Kristen Stewart certainly has a way with words!

The actress has been traversing the globe as Pablo Larraín's Princess Diana biopic Spencer premieres at major film festivals. Naturally, the tour has given her ample opportunity to offer her unique insights on the iconic royal, and suffice it to say, the comparisons Stewart has made along the way have been ... intriguing.

Most recently, Stewart discussed how Diana's "live wire" energy informed her performance. "Any picture or interview I've ever seen of her, there's an explosive, ground-shaking quality to her that I always feel like you never really know what's going to happen."

"Even when she's walking the red carpet, it just feels a little bit scary," said the Panic Room actress, according to the Los Angeles Times. That could be projection, because we all know what happened. But she just has this feral cat feel. So I wanted to convey that. There's no way to plan chaos. You just have to fall into it."

Kristen Stewart - Spencer
Spencer. NEON

Last week, Stewart went in a more wholesome direction as she likened the princess to a beloved icon from children's television.

"It would've been easy to make her kind of perfect and it's so fun to martyr her because she's beautiful and just wanted people to be happy. She's like Mister Rogers," she said during a seminar at Telluride Film Festival. "There are certain people where you're like, 'Are you that sincere? You're making me uncomfortable!' I was opened up by her in a way that was so striking."

Stewart, 31, also noted that Diana was "a huge contradiction, the weirdest combination of things that don't necessarily go together all the time."

Kristen Stewart; Princess Diana
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And back when Spencer made its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the Twilight actress had another unique comparison, saying "Diana stands out just as a sparkly house on fire."

Stewart went on to say that the Princess of Wales, who died in a car crash in Paris in 1997, "felt so alive to me when I was making this movie ... there were moments where my body and mind would forget she was dead."

Describing the "spooky, spiritual feelings" she had during filming, Stewart said, "I felt like there were moments where I kind of got the sign-off [from Diana]."

She added that "there were times where I was like, 'Oh, God,' almost like she was, you know, trying to break through. It was weird. And amazing. I've never felt anything like it in my life."

Kristen Stewart - Spencer
Spencer. NEON

Stewart previously described Spencer as "a dive inside an emotional imagining of who Diana was at a pivotal turning point in her life" — a weekend in December 1991 when she visits the royals at Sandringham and decides to end her marriage to Prince Charles.

"It is a physical assertion of the sum of her parts, which starts with her given name: Spencer. It is a harrowing effort for her to return to herself, as Diana strives to hold onto what the name Spencer means to her," said Stewart.

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Spencer hits screens on November 5.

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