King Charles Has Hilarious Reply for Fan Who Tried to Hand Him Burger King Crown

The King knew just what to do when a well-wisher offered him a paper crown from the burger chain

King Charles politely declined a fast food crown during a walkabout abroad!

The King, 74, and Queen Camilla arrived in Germany on Wednesday for the first overseas visit of the new reign. After a ceremonial welcome by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Frau Elke Budenbender at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the royal couple greeted well-wishers who came out to see them — where the sovereign was in for a surprise.

As seen in a clip shared to Twitter by Rebecca English of the Daily Mail, Charles was shaking hands with fans when one young man tried to give him a paper crown from Burger King.

"This is for you, if you want it," the well-wisher said with a smile. "No, I'm alright," Charles replied as he moved down the line, making the man laugh. The Burger King crown that Charles turned down wasn't the only one in the crowd, as several other people wore them for the royal stop.

Britain's King Charles III and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (C) greet well wishers following a ceremonial welcome at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, on March 29, 2023.

Though King Charles immediately succeeded his mother Queen Elizabeth as monarch of the United Kingdom and 14 Commonwealth countries upon her death in September, he has yet to be formally crowned — but the big day is just a few weeks away.

29 March 2023, Berlin: King Charles III of Great Britain (front l) greets fans at the Brandenburg Gate alongside German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Before his coronation in May 2023, the British king and his royal wife will visit Germany for three days.
Kay Nietfeld/picture alliance via Getty

Buckingham Palace announced in October that King Charles' coronation will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey. Following nearly a thousand years of tradition, the service will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort during the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace on November 22, 2022 in London, England. This is the first state visit hosted by the UK with King Charles III as monarch, and the first state visit here by a South African leader since 2010.
King Charles and Queen Camilla. Chris Jackson/Getty

"The Coronation will reflect the monarch's role today and look towards the future, while being rooted in longstanding traditions and pageantry," the palace said in a statement.

His wife Camilla, 75, will also be crowned as Queen Consort during the crowning ceremony.

"Charles became King Charles the moment his mother died, but the coronation is to do with the job and being the monarch in the eyes of all the people," royal historian Robert Lacey told PEOPLE of the significance of the ritual.

Coronation Crowns
St Edward's Crown and Queen Mary's Crown. JACK HILL/POOL/AFP via Getty, Handout/Royal Collection Trust via Getty

It was also announced that King Charles will wear the St. Edward Crown at his coronation. In December, the crown left the Tower of London, where it is stored with the other Crown Jewels, to undergo work to get it ready for the historic service.

The St. Edward Crown was first created for Charles II in 1661 and was a replacement for the previous crown that had been melted down in 1649. The palace said the original was thought to date back to the 11th-century royal saint, Edward the Confessor, who was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England.

Meanwhile, Queen Camilla will wear Queen Mary's Crown. The spectacular sparkler is set with 2,200 diamonds and was first worn by Charles' great-grandmother Mary when she was crowned as Queen Consort beside her husband, King George V, in 1911.

The move marks the first time in recent history that a Queen Consort will use an existing crown for a coronation ceremony instead of commissioning something new. Buckingham Palace said the decision was made "in the interests of sustainability and efficiency," causes close to King Charles' heart.

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