The royal grandmother-to-be picks up her neighbor's lost dog on roadside and drives it home

By Andrea Billups
May 30, 2013 06:30 AM
Ikon Pictures Ltd./Rex USA

The mother of the Duchess of Cambridge is now in the spotlight for doing her own good deed: rescuing a missing dog.

Carole Middleton, awaiting her turn as a soon-to-be new grandmother, was driving near her home in Bucklebury when she spotted a lost dog alongside the road.

Stopping to take a look at the tag on the dog’s collar, she found that it belonged to her neighbors, and so took the animal home, reported the Sunday Telegraph.

“I am so grateful,” the dog’s owner, Basia Hamilton, a royal portrait artist, said of the rescue. “Our dog had disappeared and we didn’t know where it could be.”

Hamilton added: “Mrs. Middleton was driving her car when she spotted a dog by the road. She got out and when she saw from the collar that it was ours, she brought it home. She is very kind.”