Kate Middleton Got Into the Habit of Doing This When She's Outside (George and Charlotte Love It!)

The royal mom of three has regularly shared sweet photos of her kids playing outdoors over the years

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are ready for their close-ups!

While meeting with kids at a photography workshop on Tuesday, Kate Middleton shared her own tips for the budding photographers and revealed that she has even made fans of the skill out of her own kids.

“Just look at everything around you. Maybe it’s in front of you, or far away but choose your subject and focus in on it,” she said, adding: “Get outside with your camera as well. George and Charlotte love it when we do that.”

Kate has regularly shared sweet snaps of her kids playing outdoors over the years. In May, 1-year-old Prince Louis even joined his siblings for playtime in their mom’s newly designed garden for the Chelsea Flower Show.

She also recently revealed that she wants her kids outdoors in their palace garden “rain or shine.” And according to Kate, her kids love posing for pictures as they play.

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“Even a short amount of time — 10-15 minutes outside — makes a huge difference to both physical well-being but also to our mental well-being,” she said in an interview with the CBBC children’s show Blue Peter.

Kate, who became patron of the Royal Photographic Society on Tuesday after Queen Elizabeth passed the honor onto her, spent time talking to kids at the event in Kingston, including 15-year-old Neeve Rees.

“I really liked her, she was very positive and said we had to keep it up because she liked our photos,” Neeve told reporters.

In another session with a group of girls who only picked up a camera for the first time on Tuesday, Kate spoke about the technicalities of identifying different color schemes within natural surroundings to get the best results.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Josh Evans and Kate Middleton. Chris Jackson/Getty
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Kate Middleton. Chris Jackson/Getty

“Everyone is so visual now,” she said. “You can take pictures on your phone, which is great, but it’s great to create your own personal images on the camera, it’s amazing how abstract it can be.”

Princess Kate joined the kids from the Action for Children charity as part of a project to help them develop confidence and self-expression. The Royal Photographic Society presented digital cameras to 10 children from the charity so that they could capture the world around them.

Migle Maciulyte impressed Kate with her images taken in the center’s garden, capturing the contrast between the grass and the earth “perfectly,” according to the royal.

The 10-year-old said afterwards, “I really liked talking to her and she showed me all the different techniques with the camera, she was very nice.”

Before saying goodbye to the children, Kate confessed: “I should have brought my own camera with me and we could have compared pictures.

“But keep it up, you all have a real talent.”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Kate Middleton. Chris Jackson/Getty

The Duchess of Cambridge, who has become a celebrated amateur photographer mainly for taking iconic images of her own children in recent years, joined the workshop with young people who traveled from across the country to be involved.

Nine-year-old Josh Evans showed Kate pictures he had taken of the local surroundings at the center, including a brown leaf set in a puddle.

“Oh wow, you’ve got a real talent there. That’s really good,” Kate told him. “Do you like taking artsy pictures like that? I think you are very good, you should definitely keep it up.”

Josh told reporters, “I didn’t know who she was but she wanted to see my pictures. I still don’t know who she is but she asked me my favorite picture and I showed her the picture I took in the garden of the leaf in the puddle.”

His mother Natasha Evans joked about her son not knowing the royal mom, and said: “It didn’t matter to Josh, he gets on with everyone, but in a few years’ time when he sees the pictures of him and Kate he’ll know how important today was.”

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