Kate Middleton couldn’t resist throwing a snowball at Prince William on their last day in Norway on Friday

By Simon Perry
February 02, 2018 02:28 PM

Kate Middleton couldn’t resist throwing a snowball at Prince William on their last day in Norway on Friday.

Surrounded by a blanket of fresh white snow, the royal mom got caught in a playful moment when she made a snowball and threw it at her unsuspecting husband. But the snowball fight ended there. “It’s too cold for snowballs!” William said, smiling.

During their visit to Holmenkollen resort on Friday, which is home to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, one of Oslo’s most famous landmarks, the royal couple also watched a group of local schoolchildren taking part in an afternoon ski session on the slopes.


Joined by Norway’s Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit, they sat around a campfire toasting sausages and bread on a stick with the kids in the idyllic winter wonderland.

Kate said she was certain that the couple’s kids, Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2, would have loved to join in on the snow day.

“She said their children would love to be here and that it is a nice place,” Line Hansen, manager of the kindergarten at Ovresetertjern, near Oslo, tells PEOPLE. “She said that George tried skiing when he was 2 and a half, so he was just starting.”


Kate came to the rescue of one of the little skiers who slipped. And as the royal mom helped her up, a second little girl lost control of her skis, too. As Kate gave a thumbs up to the second child to see if she was okay, the first girl slipped again, “Oh no,” Kate said with a smile as the child picked herself up.

The royals then sat down to talk with the children about the ski school and join in the cooking. They baked a simple bread mixture — called pinnebrod— wrapped around a stick and sausages.

“They were asking the children their names and what they like about kindergarten and about what we were cooking,” Hansen says. “They liked the environment and the setting. The children told them about their lessons and how they like to be by the bonfire.”

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Sweden And Norway - Day 4
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The couple also learned that the 66 children are taught in three cabins and spend a lot of time outside — often on skis.

“They were so natural talking to the kids, interested in what they were making,” adds Silje Johnson, a tutor from the Norwegian Ski Federation. “They were really hanging out with the kids.”

About a half-hour later, William got the nod that it was time for them to leave, but he wasn’t ready just yet! “I want to wait until my bread’s finished,” he said.

As she left, Kate told one little girl, “Thank you for showing me how to make the bread.”