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In a new blog post, Prince William reveals which video games he likes and how he spends his time on the air force base

November 20, 2012 09:05 AM

As if Prince William and his friends haven’t had enough of flying helicopters over the mountains and sea of North Wales, they sit down to play military-style video games in their spare time.

A favorite is Call of Duty, a new blog post on the royal family’s revamped website reveals.

Also on the brand-new site: the details of a day in the life of the man known in the RAF Search and Rescue squadron as Flight Lieutenant Wales – as well as 10 new images.

In the personal pictures, William is shown making the bed he naps in away from wife Kate during 24-hour shifts on the military base. And he is seen working at a computer, a hot drink by his side.

He has been stationed on Anglesey since 2010, and the couple live at a rented four-room farmhouse on the island. His current tour ends in late summer/early fall 2013 and, like all crew members, he is set to make a decision before the end of the year about whether to sign-up for another few years.

On Wednesday, even more new images will be published on the site – these ones by Kate, 30, during the tour she and William took to Asia in September. The shots are from their time in the jungle of Borneo.

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