The royal couple reportedly received duty-free vouchers because their movie didn't work

Credit: Marc Piasecki/Getty

After an intense 10-day swing through North America, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge should have anticipated an enjoyable flight home – except their in-flight entertainment system was broken.

Not to panic: British Airways compensated the couple.

Still, with the movie system a bust, what were the two to do with their 10 hours in first class?

The unexpected peace and quiet may actually have been a blessing. On her last day in Los Angeles, Kate was saying to friends that she was likely to sleep her way home.

Charlie Mayhew, head of the charity Tusk, told the Duchess, “You must be exhausted,” and she replied, “I think when I get on the plane this afternoon I’m going to crash,” Mayhew told PEOPLE.

To those affected by the malfunction the airline offered vouchers or frequent flyer miles. In their case, William and Kate were handed $300 in vouchers for duty-free goods, reports the Daily Mirror.

A British Airways spokesman would not comment on individual cases. But the airline said in a statement, “Unfortunately a fault with some parts of the aircraft’s in-flight entertainment system couldn’t be fixed before the aircraft took off from Los Angeles. We apologize to everyone affected and have offered customers either a voucher or frequent flyer miles to say sorry.”

The Palace had no comment.