Yes, you can have a ponytail as magical as Kate's

By Diana Pearl and Monique Jessen
January 24, 2018 10:10 AM
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Credit: Neil Mockford/GC Images

Kate Middleton’s hair motto might be this: Never a strand out of place.

That goes for even the most humble of hairstyles, the ponytail. On Wednesday, the royal mom rocked a perfect pony for a rainy day visit to King’s College London.

London-based hairstylist Daniel Galvin Jr., whose father was among those who styled Princess Diana‘s hair, says your eyes aren’t deceiving you — there really is something special about this ponytail.

“It’s very elegant and glamorous; it’s not too harsh and the side-part softens it,” says Galvin Jr., who just opened his second salon at the Lanesborough Hotel in London. “She has her trademark bit of teasing or backcombing on the crown, which gives it more volume and texture. The way it has been pulled back really does take the harshness out of what most ponytails do to ladies.”

Credit: Neil Mockford/GC Images

And how did Kate get this oh-so-effortless style? A bit of volumizing products, and a wax to tame the flyaways, he says.

“She wears it beautifully,” Galvin says. “It’s soft, elegant and sporty. It is her trademark bouncy blow-dry, pulled back loosely. This is a very natural look. It is a low- maintenance look but extremely effective. It’s healthy and shiny. I don’t think anyone wears it better than the Duchess.”

Credit: Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Galvin — like everyone on planet earth — also praises Kate’s other ‘dos, and says she shines at choosing the right style for the occasion.

“She always chooses a look that really suits her, a look that she feels confident with and she looks radiant,” he says. “It’s not distracting from her natural beauty, which some hairstyles can do. It was a great look and she really looks the part. She clearly knows what suits her. It’s practical but very stylish.”

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And though few non-royals possess Kate’s luscious mane, you can still create your own (practically) perfect pony. Galvin Jr. suggests starting out with a hair mask (he suggests this one, from his line of haircare products) and a detangling spray (try this one, also from Galvin’s line).

“Blow dry your hair!” he instructs. “Use a dry hair spray or a sea salt spray for texture. And make sure you get the ponytail in the right place before you put any products on top of it. The teasing on the crown is important too. But it’s the blow dry that takes the time. After that, you can do this in five minutes flat.”