Watch 13-Year-Old Kate Middleton in a School Play—Being Told She'll Marry a Man Named William!

Meghan Markle isn't the only actress in the royal family!

Meghan Markle isn’t the only actress in the royal family!

A video clip shows a then-13-year-old Kate Middleton in a school play being told she will one day marry a handsome, rich man — who ended up being named William.

Kate, who starred in the production while attending St. Andrew’s Preparatory School in Buckhold, wears a white dress with flowers in her hair and is seen on stage with a fortune teller who tells her: “Soon you will meet a handsome man, a rich gentleman.”

“It is all I ever hoped for. Will he fall in love with me?” she replies.

“Indeed he will,” the fortune teller says.

“And marry me?” she asks.

“And marry you,” he confirms.

When Kate then asks whether her future husband will “take me away from here,” he replies: “Yes, to London.”

“Oh, how my heart flutters!’ she says.

In the next scene, Kate appears alongside her suitor, who gets down on one knee and asks her to “only say yes to me.”

Kate then replies: “Yes, yes, dear William!”

In an incredible twist of fate, Kate’s real-life love story amazingly mimicked her school play’s predictions.

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She fell in love with her own Prince Charming after meeting Prince William at the University of St. Andrews. The couple wed in 2011 and have made their home at Kensington Palace in London.

And with baby No. 3 on the way, now all our hearts are a-flutter!

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