"By the end, we were drinking cold tea!" the Happy Mum, Happy Baby host reveals about the royal's February interview
The Duchess of Cambridge, Giovanna Fletcher
Kate Middleton and Giovanna Fletcher

Kate Middleton really is just like any other mom.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast host Giovanna Fletcher revealed Monday that the pair spent so long chatting during their revealing February interview that Kate, 38, was left holding an ice-cold cup of English tea — and couldn't care less!

"What a complete career high. Just two mums nattering away," Fletcher said on the reality TV show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here... "But in true mum fashion, we were nattering so much that by the end we were drinking cold tea!"

In the unprecedented interview, Kate, 38, revealed details of her pregnancy and admitted to feeling mom guilt when she has to leave her children to carry out official royal duties.

Before their chat, Fletcher says Kate's husband Prince William encouraged his wife to speak as candidly as she could.

“They had scheduled 45 minutes. We had an hour and a half! Basically, Prince William had come in as he was briefing her and he said, ‘Just talk. Don’t worry about saying anything you shouldn’t or exposing too much. We can change it in the edit. Just talk.’ So she was going to answer everything. It was amazing," Fletcher said.

Kate Middleton, Prince William
Kate Middleton and Prince William
| Credit: Pride of Britain

The experience also left an indelible mark on Fletcher. “I might have fallen in love. A girl crush," she told her fellow I'm A Celebrity contestant, Eastenders star Shane Ritchie, adding that Kate was "divine", "absolutely elegant", and "self-deprecating" throughout their time together.

Kate’s appearance on Fletcher's podcast coincided with the launch of her groundbreaking “5 Big Questions on the Under Fives" project, which surveyed the opinions of parents, carers, teachers, kindergarten workers, and families across the UK.

The royal mom of three released the results of the report on Nov.26 in an online forum hosted by the Royal Foundation she shares with husband Prince William.

“We must do all we can to tackle these issues and to elevate the importance of the early years so that together we can build a more nurturing society,” said Kate, before turning her attention to the key findings of the study.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge early years speech and forum
Kate Middleton speaks about her early years survey at Kensington Palace
| Credit: Kensington Palace

“Firstly, if parents are struggling to prioritize their own wellbeing how can we better support them? Secondly, what is at the root of why parents feel so judged?”

“Thirdly, how can we address parental loneliness, which has dramatically increased during the pandemic, particularly in the most deprived areas?” Kate asked.

She added, “And finally if less than a quarter of us understand the unique importance of a child's first five years, what can we do to make this better known?"

This desire to get to the heart of the matter was also prominent in her February interview with Fletcher, during which Kate revealed new details of her pregnancy and even hit on how she “really quite liked labor.”

“It wasn’t until two days before (the interview) they asked me to actually send over an outline of what I would love to ask her," Fletcher added on I'm A Celebrity... Monday. "So, I thought ‘You know what. I’m just going to go for it.’

"I sent them in and her comms guy was like ‘This is all great. I’m going to take it to her. I think maybe she’ll talk about one or two things. I don’t know if she had morning sickness in labor and I’m not sure she did hypnobirthing…’ And I was like, OK!”

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At the close of the interview, Fletcher says the pair hugged and said goodbye. Then, in a twist that threw her completely, Kate turned around and said "You must stay in touch."

"I was like ‘How do you do that?!' laughed Fletcher. "The future Queen of England. The mother of the future King!"

Fletcher is currently one of the favorites to win the 2020 edition of I'm A Celebrity, which is being filmed under strict COVID-19 conditions in the ruins of Gwrych Castle in Wales, rather than its normal location deep in the considerably more tropical forests of the Australian bush.