A Royally Good Sport! See Kate Middleton Showing Off Her Amazing Athleticism Through the Years

From rock climbing to table tennis, there's not a sport that the Duchess of Cambridge hasn't tried

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Playing the Field

Kate MIddleton
Chris Jackson/Getty

In 2012, Kate Middleton — who played field hockey while attending St. Andrew's School — sported a serious smile while training with Great Britain's Women's Hockey team at the Olympic Park.

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Hand-Eye Coordination

Kate Middleton
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Anyone up for a game of table tennis? In 2012, Kate gave the game the old college try while visiting Bacon's College in London alongside Prince William and Prince Harry.

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Free Throw

Kate Middleton
David Cheskin/Getty

In 2013, the Duchess decided it was time to shoot her shot and try out basketball.

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Serving Up Looks

Kate Middleton
Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Anything you can do, Kate can do better ... and in wedges, no less! In 2013, just months after giving birth to Prince George, the Duchess of Cambridge wowed when she played volleyball at a Sportsaid Athlete Workshop.

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Red-y or Not, Here Comes Kate

Kate Middleton
Ian Jones/Getty

Kate smiled as she joined a cricket game while visiting Christchurch, New Zealand, in April 2014.

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Forget A-boat It

Kate Middleton
Samir Hussein/WireImage

Dressed in nautical stripes, the royal took the wheel on the New Zealand's Americas Cup Team yacht during a visit to Auckland Harbour with Prince William in April 2014.

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Hop to It

Kate Middleton
Danny Lawson/Getty

In 2014, the royal once again showed off her coordination when she sported wedges as she played the South African game of Three Tins during a visit to the Commonwealth Games Village in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Rock On

Kate Middleton
Chris Jackson/Getty

In November 2015, Kate clipped in and scaled a climbing wall at the Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre in Capel Curig, United Kingdom.

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She's Got a Point!

Kate Middleton
Jeremy Selwyn/Getty

Kate again grabbed a paddle in December 2015 for a round of table tennis at the ICAP charity day in London.

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Having a Ball

Kate Middleton
Chris Jackson/Getty

Kate again didn't let her outfit get in the way of joining in on the fun during a royal visit to India in 2016, where she again tried cricket.

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Come Sail Away

Kate Middleton
Tim Ireland/Getty

In July 2016, Kate and Will watched the America's Cup World Series Race on the Solent in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, from the bow of a boat.

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What a Catch!

Kate Middleton
Samir Hussein/WireImage

In March 2017, Kate played a bit of rugby in Paris with young fans while on a tour of France.

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Making a Run for It

Kate Middleton
Danny Martindale/WireImage

In 2017, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge engaged in a bit of friendly competition while running a race during a training day for the Heads Together team, who were preparing for the London Marathon.

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Ice, Ice Baby

Kate Middleton
Samir Hussein/WireImage

While visiting Stockholm, Sweden, in January 2018, Kate tried her hand at winter sports, playing bandy hockey while all bundled up.

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What's All That Racket?

Kate Middleton
Adrian Dennis/Getty

In October 2018, Kate played tennis at the Coach Core Essex apprenticeship scheme in Basildon, England.

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She's the Captain Now

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Kate Middleton. Chris Jackson/Getty

In August 2019, Kate took the helm on behalf of The Royal Foundation in the inaugural King's Cup regatta hosted by herself and her husband, Prince William.

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Getting a Kick Out of It

Kate Middleton
Kelvin Boyes/Getty

In February 2019, Kate played a game of soccer (sorry, football) with Prince William while on a tour of Northern Ireland. The pair were visiting the National Stadium in Belfast, Ireland.

Kate revealed to schoolchildren that her son, Prince George, was learning to play soccer, though he was less than impressed with her skills.

She said that George tells her, "Mummy, you're so rubbish," according to The Telegraph. "I should have picked up some tips from George," Kate joked.

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She's a Good Sport

Kate Middleton
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty

Despite joking that she wasn't very good at soccer, it's clear that the royal at the very least looks like she'd be good at it.

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Hearing Crickets

Kate Middleton
Chris Jackson/Getty

On a royal tour of Pakistan in October 2019, Kate laughed while playing cricket during her visit at the National Cricket Academy.

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It's a Hit

Kate Middleton
Samir Hussein/WireImage

It would seem that Kate has a particular affinity for table tennis, playing while visiting Savannah House, a residential facility, in Dublin, Ireland, in March 2020.

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Friendly Competition

Kate Middleton

In March 2020, Kate expertly tried her hand at hurling during a visit to Salthill Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) club in Galway, Ireland, as Prince William looked on.

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Swing and a Miss

Kate middleton
Andy Commins/Getty

Golf may not be Kate's best sport, but at least she had a laugh about it in Durham, England, in April 2021.

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Wheel-y Fun

Kate Middleton
Max Mumby/Getty

In May 2021, the royal couple felt the wind in their sails while taking part in a land yachting session in St. Andrews, Scotland.

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She's an Ace!

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton and Emma Raducanu. Chris Jackson/Getty

In September 2021, Kate shared the court with British US Open champion Emma Raducanu. Sam Richardson, the Lawn Tennis Association head of programs, said of Kate, "Her forehand is incredible."

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Climb Time

Kate Middleton
Andy Stenning/AFP/Getty

Later in September 2021, Kate visited the Royal Air Force (RAF) Air Cadets at their Windermere Adventure Training Centre, and couldn't help but test out some of the climbing equipment.

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Helmets On!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the Windermere Adventure Training Centre with RAF Cadets
Kate Middleton. ANDY STENNING/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

She also put her pedal to the metal, sporting a bright blue helmet while riding a mountain bike.

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