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January 09, 2015 04:15 PM

As Princess Kate turns 33 today, we can’t ignore the significance of this milestone. Sure, a birthday is always reason to celebrate, but when your two digits are both your lucky numbers, there’s more than one reason to be excited that this is going to be the best year yet.

While the pregnant princess is reportedly keeping things low-key for the day, we have a feeling something big will be happening soon. Need proof? Just take a look at all of these huge milestones in her life that involved the number three:

The birth of the future king
That’s right – the future king of England (currently third in line to the throne) was born in the year 2013. Coincidence the number three was in the year? Definitely not if you read on.

Carrying the weight
This future King could have weighed well, anything, but settled on the perfect 3.80kg (also known as 8 lbs., 6 oz.) – there’s that three again!

How it all started
Thanks to some co-ed romance after Prince William noticed Kate in that dress, the pair started dating in 2003. (Three!)

The big announcement
At the age of 30 (there’s that three again!) Kate announced there was a future king growing in her belly on the 3rd of December, 2012.

Family matters
Kate is the eldest of three children – her younger siblings Pippa James Middleton were by her side at her wedding, and at major events since.

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