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March 23, 2013 10:30 AM

She may have come from a palace and seemed like a princess, but for the Cub Scouts she helped teach how to make doughy snacks and light fires, she was simply Kate.

“We just called her Kate,” says Fatima Vukhari, 9, who was at the special training day for scout volunteers Friday in Cumbria.

“She seems like a princess because she looks really pretty and had really nice hair,” Fatima told PEOPLE.

Her fellow 9-year-old Connor Childs thought Kate was “really normal.”

Either way, “she would help us with lots of things,” Fatima said of the royal, who has been volunteering at her local scout pack in north Wales for 15 months now. “This is the best thing we have done since we have been in the scouts.”

And the scouts even had a little present for the nearly six-months pregnant Duchess of Cambridge. “Me and my friend got her a teddy bear for her baby. We didn’t get her a blue or a pink one, because we don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy,” Fatima said. “She said ‘It’s really cute.'”

Earlier, Kate had been shown how to do the various activities along with other volunteers. One, Abid Saleh, 32, from Blackburn in northern England, was with her as she got her hands grubby cooking “twists” of dough on sticks.

“You could tell she enjoys volunteering … very relaxed and easy to be around,” Saleh said. “She made it easy.”

With the weather in England’s Lake District wintry and snowy, “She chuckled that it could not have been much colder,” said volunteer Becky Coates, 38. “In 15-20 minutes, it felt like we always knew each other.”

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