The majestic Uluru somehow even inspires royals to stand at attention
Credit: Tim Graham/Getty; William West/AP

Like father, like son – and fashionable wife.

Tuesday’s sunset visit of Prince William and Kate to Australia’s Uluru, the nation’s most iconic landmark, was practically the mirror image of Prince Charles and Princess Diana‘s visit to the same spot in March 1983.

Funnily enough, even their physical stances are similar. (Those royals just aren’t a huggy bunch, though William does at least look to be brushing against Kate’s shoulder.)

As for Uluru, it seems to be just as impenetrable: Its full significance is known only to the Anangu people, who keep its secrets all to themselves.

No wonder, then, that when William got there and posed with Kate, he kiddingly asked her, “So, what shall we talk about?”

And while history doesn’t seem to have recorded Charles’s words to Diana 31 years ago, on Tuesday, local land owner Daisy Walkabout, who was also there for the 1983 royal visit, told Australia’s ABC News: “We’re happy to meet them, like we were happy to meet [Charles and Diana] in the past.”

As for William and Kate, Walkabout said, “It will be good to know they have seen Uluru, which is so hugely significant not just for a small group of people but a whole range of people that are related and connected to this place.”