James Middleton Shares a Hilarious Video of His Dog Mabel Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat

Kate Middleton's younger brother made a makeshift pool for his pup

James Middleton dog
James Middleton. Photo: James Middleton/Instagram. Inset: Matthias Nareyek/Getty

It's "hot hot hot" outside, but James Middleton and his pups are staying cool.

Kate Middleton's younger brother is known animal lover, so it's no surprise that he wanted to share tips on keeping pets cool during the summer heat with his Instagram followers. James' golden retriever Mabel starred in a video posted Wednesday, contently soaking in a makeshift pool (a clear storage container filled to the brim with refreshing water) while getting hosed down — set to The Merrymen's "Feeling Hot Hot Hot."

"It's so important to keep your dogs safe and cool during hot weather!" the 33-year-old dog lover captioned the video. "Here's how Mabel likes to cool down!"

James' tips included keeping pets in the shade, giving them a damp towel and putting a sprinkler on — and a reminder to "never leave dogs alone in a hot 🚗 ...ever."

James and his fiancée Alizee Thevenet have had a busy summer full of puppy love — in May, his dog Luna welcomed a litter of six healthy puppies. Just a few weeks ago, he said goodbye to the puppies as they headed off to their new homes.

"56 days ago you were born, 56 days of early starts, lots of poo and half eaten socks but 56 days of pure joy watching you grow. But now it’s time for you go," he captioned the post.

"I am sad to see you go, and yes I might cry but it will be with happiness as each of your new homes are bursting with love," he continued. "You might be scared at first, thats ok. Just be yourself and you will never understand how much happiness you will bring to your new families and all the people you meet. Make me proud, & remember to write."

James Middleton
James Middleton and his finacée Alizee Thevenet. James Middleton/ Instagram

James, 33, is also a proud owner of dogs Ella, Inca and Zulu — and the newest member of the gang, Nala!

In a candid January 2019 op-ed for the Daily Mail, James recounted how he overcame "debilitating inertia" by packing his dogs into his car and driving to the bucolic Lake District in northwest England. Surrounded by the hills, lakes and clean air, he was able to calm his mind with "solitary walks on snow-capped mountains,” he wrote.

"I recognize, too, the role my dogs — Ella, Inca, Luna, Zulu and Mabel — have played in my recovery," he added. “Ella, particularly, has been my constant companion for ten years and she’s been with me to all my therapy sessions. In her own particular way, she has kept me going."

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He announced in April that he would be launching the Paw Print Fund, an organization dedicated to aiding animal welfare charities.

“With this in mind today I’m launching The Paw Print Fund 🐾 in aid of animal welfare charities who support our nations animals & pets, be it helping to raise vital funds enabling these charities to continue with there amazing work and also support pet owners who have been affected by the pandemic and maybe struggling to look after their pets,” he continued. “Together, we can help support pets and their owners, helping them stay in their homes and prevent rescue centres from being overwhelmed.”

“Who else is experiencing friendship, comfort and unconditional love ❤️ from their loyal pets during this difficult time? 🐾 I want to give a big shout out to all our pets who our keeping us calm and helping us carry on!” he wrote.

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