"I thought it was perfect for Ladies Day — fun and humorous," attorney Alexa Wolman said of her teapot topper

By Simon Perry
June 20, 2019 12:22 PM
NEIL HALL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

A group of Florida friends turned heads in a big way at Royal Ascot’s “Ladies Day” on Thursday.

The nine pals from Miami caused a stir as they arrived for the third day of the famed horse races that Queen Elizabeth attends each year.

“I love things that are fun,” explains attorney Alexa Wolman, who wore a tea pot hat pouring colorful flowers over her pink hair. “I thought that it was perfect for Ladies Day – fun and humorous.”

She and her pals visited on Tuesday as well. “Seeing the royals, especially the Queen, has been the high point. The hospitality from all the British people we have met has been lovely.”

The women bought their whimsical toppers from Suzy Buckley Woodward, 43, who runs shapoh.com. She sources the hats all over the U.K. and Ireland for her customers in the U.S. “It’s easy to find hats in the U.K., and I get them here for people in America as you can’t get great hats there,” she said.

Another of the friends, Maria Beguiristain, 48, said, “The reason for coming is the chance to see the Queen. We have had quite a bit of fun. It’s terrific to see all the fashion and traditions. It’s great to see the fun fashions today and we have been so well received.”

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Getting emotional, Maria adds, “The friendship between our two countries is very touching – and seeing the Queen is almost like seeing the Pope.”