There are home births – and then there are royal home births.

By Caris Davis
Updated February 12, 2016 12:20 PM
Credit: Royal Press Europe/Startraksphoto

There are home births – and then there are royal home births.

Princess Victoria may skip the maternity wing when she welcomes her second child this spring.

The pregnant princess is reportedly planning to deliver her new baby at home in Haga Palace, according to Swedish journal, Svenskdam.

Sweden’s heir apparent, 38, lives with her family at Stockholm’s Haga Palace, the perfect place to welcome the new royal baby, who is expected to arrive in March.

The palace was originally built for children – and it’s been extensively modernized since fall 2010 when Princess Victoria, her husband Prince Daniel and their 3-year-old daughter Princess Estelle moved in.

While Sweden’s newest arrival may be a little young to appreciate some of the building’s more gracious touches, there’s plenty of space to stretch growing legs in the surrounding Haga Park.

Victoria seemed happy to step out on her own Wednesday night as she made what may be one of her final public appearance before her due date.

Her growing baby bump has triggered speculation that she could be expecting twins, so when a reporter asked if she had three or four more official engagements left, Princess Victoria – mishearing the question as a reference to possibly having triplets or quads – laughed as she shook her head in denial, saying, “Oh, no! No! No! No!”

The princess was presenting prizes at the inaugural Global Change Awards in Stockholm’s City Hall.

Five winning international teams shared prizes totaling more than $1M for their contributions to developing sustainable textiles and fabrics for fashion.

Sweden’s next-in-line to the throne wore a midnight blue dress from the forthcoming season’s range of the event’s sponsors, Swedish-owned global fashion chain H&M.

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The princess’s last scheduled event is set for February 15, when she is due to meet Danish politician Mogens Lykketoft.

After that, her calendar is clear until April 30 – but Scandinavia’s hardest-working princess may well decide to keep busy until just before the birth, as she did with Princess Estelle.

“The royal family have engagements that are not on the official calendar,” Swedish Royal Court Spoekswoman Margareta Thorgren told the Swedish newspaper Expressen.