Kim Kardashian's second child will have more in common with the little royal than you might think
Credit: Gary Gershoff/WireImage; Ian Gavan/Getty

When you really think about it, that newly announced collaboration between Kim Kardashian West and Kanye will have a lot in common with the new royal baby.

Now, there are a lot of Anglophiles out there who will read that sentence and have a small panic attack. However, if you really, really think about it, there are some parallels between Princess Charlotte and Kimye baby No. 2.

1. Everyone will be abuzz about what the child’s name should be.

Remember when people were predicting the odds that Prince William and Kate would find some way to honor Princess Diana in naming their daughter? Remember when we thought that the royal baby might be named Princess Alice?

Expect a similar clamor over what West and Kardashian will name North West’s younger sibling. The internet has already decided that the child should be named South, but that’s perhaps just too predictable for this couple. We look forward to learning what other common turn of phrase they appropriate for their child: Wild West? Old West? Go West? Due West? Let the betting begin.

2. And everyone will have opinions about the child’s gender.

And that’s funny, because while the parents get to pick the kid’s name, they have no say over whether it will be a boy or a girl. However, all involved and not involved will be issuing opinions about whether North is better off with a little sister (“Look how well having sisters worked for the Kardashians!”) or a little brother (“Kanye might want his own mini-me!”).

If the kid is a boy – let’s tentatively call him Prince Kimye for now – that would mean the Kardashian-Wests have one of each, just like the royal family. Yay, symmetry!

3. The kid will make Kim famous once again for her maternity fashion.

When Princess Kate was pregnant again, she earned no shortage of positive notes for her mommy-to-be fashion, on one occasion even getting praised for looking good while dressing on a budget.

Her second pregnancy has similarly thrust Kardashian back into the fashion spotlight – but for different, uniquely Kardashian-y reasons. First there was the skin-tight look, and then there was the sheer, underwear-revealing Proenza Schouler number you see above.

Yes, Kim and Kate have very different takes on maternity fashion. Yes, both suit the respective mothers very well. Yes, this will be fun to watch.

4. The “Heir and a Spare” rule.

Some American readers may be unfamiliar with this turn of phrase. It means exactly what it sounds like, however, and has been frequently used to describe situations in which dynastic families have an oldest child as heir apparent but also a back-up, to put it bluntly. In the case of Prince William, Prince Harry is the spare, which both places him in his brother’s shadow and allows him a greater degree of personal freedom than his king-to-be sibling.

Clearly, this is a consideration that has been made about who will take over the Kardashian-West empire. Clearly.

5. Both sets of parents have backup in the form of awesome siblings.

Speaking of backups, these famous parents have famous siblings who will be big influences as aunts and uncles for all of the kids involved. Both families are close-knit enough that single, child-free siblings – Khloé, Harry and Pippa, we’re looking at you – will get a taste of parenthood in helping Kimye and Willkat raise their kids. In this one case, Kardashian and West have the advantage: They have Kourtney, who has experience raising kids.

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6. Both families have a presiding female matriarch.

Even as these empires are looking at the beginning of a new generation, each still has a resident queen in charge – a literal one in the case of Queen Elizabeth and a metaphorical one in the case of Kris Jenner. (But would it surprise you at all if Kris had a crown and scepter stashed away somewhere?)

7. Both dads have musical inclinations.

Okay, so maybe one of them performs music as his primary job, and maybe the other’s musical prowess begins and ends with an apparent affinity for the bass guitar. ( Prince William and reggae. Who knew?) But the difference in these dads’ musical abilities will do nothing to stop us from imagining all-family jam sessions.

8. Both Prince George and North are going to have “grumpy older-sibling” moments.

You’re the only one, you’re the center of attention, and then all of a sudden, there’s a little usurper crawling around, stealing your thunder. We’ve already seen that both little bundles of joy can have their tantrums (hey, we know it’s hard to forget because they, like, rule the world, but they are kids after all). We feel comfortable saying there will be more – at least until George and North realize all the privileges that go along with being the oldest.

9. Both babies will be merchandising moguls – without even trying.

Remember when Princess Charlotte made her first fashion statement at only six hours old? By wearing a handmade Spanish baby bonnet? Backwards? The cap instantly generated a lot of interest online, and she can expect that kind of attention toward her every outfit for the rest of her life.

Of course, the same goes for her mom, her brother, as well as Kardashian’s entire family. The success of many a baby boutique will be determined by how Kate and Kim dress those babies.

10. And, of course, their every life moment will be documented online.

For better or worse, when you’re one of the world’s most famous babies, the internet is essentially your scrapbook. Neither George nor Charlotte nor North nor Kimye baby No. 2 will have any doubt about how they looked in their younger years, what they wore, when they wore it and what everyone thought about it.