Horse & Rider Were Solo Stumble in Royal Wedding Proceedings

A horse and rider take an unfortunate spill en route to Buckingham Palace


It all might have been just too perfect otherwise.

Over the course of William and Catherine‘s fairy-tale wedding day, everything seemed to go exactly as planned, without so much as a stumble.

But one horse and rider in the grand procession from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace took one for the team.

The horse, a member of the Household Cavalry, and the trooper took a spill after the animal was spooked en route to the first reception of the day. Both were uninjured.

“It was just a complete accident,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They were trotting ’round a corner and because they were on the outside, his horse had to be moving at a fast pace and this led to it losing its footing as it went ’round the corner.”

Luckily there are no hard feelings toward the four-legged member of the cavalry who, along with the trooper, will resume their duties in due course.

With reporting from CARIS DAVIS in London

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