Drink a G&T in the happy couple's honor!

By Diana Pearl
April 07, 2018 10:00 AM

On May 19, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be saying “I do” at St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. But just outside the castle, local pub-goers will be toasting the happy couple with a very special gin.

The Queen Charlotte Pub, which is located in Windsor, England, just a short walk away from the gates of Windsor Castle, has partnered with their parent company, Oak Taverns, to craft a gin distilled especially for the royal wedding — and it has a very fitting name: Gin&’er.

The commemorative gin is made with lime flower, organic lemon peel and, of course, ginger. And naturally, the folks over at the Queen Charlotte have already sent a bottle or two over to Harry and Meghan to congratulate them on their upcoming wedding.

And don’t let the name confuse you: Oak Taverns says the pronunciation of Gin&’er is up to the drinker — whether it’s Ginger, in a nod to Harry’s infamous red hair, or the more literal Gin and ‘er.

Credit: Diana Pearl

The Queen Charlotte serves 100 varieties of gin, and with the royal wedding happening so near to their establishment, they decided to craft a gin in honor of the upcoming festivities. To create the spirit, they played off the flavors of another favorite of their offerings: The Guildhall Island Gin, named for the nearby area in Windsor, which Harry and Meghan will drive past during the wedding procession on May 19. (They’ve previously sent a bottle of the Guildhall Island Gin to the Queen!)

Sadly, if you’re hoping to toast Meghan and Harry’s marriage with a Gin’ger gin and tonic of your own, you might be out of luck: The gin was produced in limited quantities, and as of now, is only available across the pond, at the Queen Charlotte Pub, as well as a few other local spots in Windsor, such as Windsor & Eton Brewery.

Credit: PA/Instar Images

However, the very first bottle distilled is set to be auctioned off — with the proceeds benefitting a charity of Harry’s choosing. Now that’s a great wedding gift.