Gayle King Supports Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Decision to Keep Birth of Royal Baby Private

Earlier this week, Gayle King's friend Oprah Winfrey said that Meghan Markle "has a wonderful, warm, giving, loving heart"

Gayle King agrees with her longtime friend Oprah Winfrey: Meghan Markle has a loving heart.

Just one day after Winfrey made comments that the Duchess of Sussex, 37, was being treated unfairly, the TV mogul’s good friend also came to the royal’s defense.

“I don’t think she’s being treated fairly, I don’t. I think she is sweet, she is loving, she is kind. She’s extremely generous with her time and her spirit, and I wish we heard more about that,” King, who attended Meghan’s baby shower in New York City in February, told ET.

Despite some of the negative headlines she has received in the British press, Meghan is “doing okay,” King continued. “She’s doing alright. We don’t have to worry about Meghan Markle and [Prince] Harry. They’re really going to be just fine.”

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“And this is the thing, who doesn’t love a good love story?” King added. “Who doesn’t love a couple that’s in love having their first baby? I’m cheering them both on always, I’m very psyched.”

The news anchor also supported the royal couple’s decision to keep the birth of their baby private at first. Royal fans will get to see the happy couple with their new baby soon after the birth, however. Within a few days after welcoming their first child, Meghan and Harry will take part in a photo op with their new baby on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

“I think the beauty of what Harry and Meghan can do, because it’s highly unlikely he will be king, they can really live a different kind of life,” she said. “They’re still part of the royal family, they love being part of the royal family and all that comes with that, but I think it also gives them breathing room for things that aren’t traditional. Listen, nothing about their relationship is traditional, and I think that’s a great thing.”

On Wednesday, Winfrey, 65, who just announced her partnership with Harry in creating a mental health series launching on Apple next year, appeared on CBS This Morning alongside King to talk about the project, and conversation turned to the royal mom-to-be.

“I think she’s being portrayed unfairly, and I feel that if people really knew her they would know that she is not only everything we perceive of her in being graceful and dynamic in holding that position, but she just has a wonderful, warm, giving, loving heart,” Winfrey said of the Duchess of Sussex. “I think it’s very unfair.”

King added: “She’s very kind. She doesn’t seem to buy into [her bad press] though.”


A month after Meghan shared that she does not feed into negativity by looking at Twitter, Winfrey reiterated that the royal mom-to-be “does not read anything.”

“I think that’s remarkable that despite everything that’s going on she does not read anything,” she said.

Winfrey attended the couple’s royal wedding in May — and has even spent some time with Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mom. She reportedly invited Doria, a social worker and yoga instructor in Los Angeles, to do yoga at her California home.

“She’s great at yoga, so I said, ‘Bring your yoga mat and your sneaks in case we just want to do yoga on the lawn,’ ” the media mogul told Entertainment Tonight. “So one of the bags was a yoga mat and the other was lunch.”

Winfrey and King are not alone in coming to Meghan’s defense after intense media scrutiny. After maintaining their silence for nearly two years, five women who form an essential part of Meghan’s inner circle spoke exclusively to PEOPLE in February to “stand up against the global bullying we are seeing and speak the truth about our friend.”

“Meg has silently sat back and endured the lies and untruths,” her former costar said. With Meghan and Harry expecting their first child this spring, “we worry about what this is doing to her and the baby,” added the costar. “It’s wrong to put anyone under this level of emotional trauma, let alone when they’re pregnant.”

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George Clooney also recently slammed the way the Duchess of Sussex has been treated since joining the royal family and compared her experience to that of the late Princess Diana.

The actor told Good Morning Britain, “I think it’s a little unfair at times when – I’ve seen it when the press can turn on you for sort of ridiculous reasons and for almost nothing, and it seemed to me to be a little unjust since [Meghan] hadn’t done anything except just happen to live her life.”

He added that Meghan is “a really kind and smart and intelligent young woman.”

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