Philip Reynaers/Photonews/Getty
January 11, 2017 01:18 PM

Is Belgium’s King Philippe the most generous monarch of all?

In 2016, the royal gave 769 of his subjects 200 Euros (around $211) each, simply because they asked.

Belgium’s Royal Palace revealed the information about the king’s benevolent act on Wednesday as part of an annual review of royal communications, according to Reuters.

The king’s generosity to his subjects cost him $162,600 during 2016. That’s up from $109,800, which he donated to 520 people the year before.

The 56-year-old King of the Belgians, who has ruled since July 2013, received around 50,000 written letters during 2016, a palace statement said. And more than 20 percent of the letters the king received were concerned with what the palace deemed “social questions.”

The majority of letters and emails to the monarch were of a narrative nature, the palace said, with ordinary Belgians wanting to tell the king their stories, or requesting royal acknowledgement of an anniversary or special event.

Letters of interest were investigated individually to ensure that their sender’s appeals for financial help were genuine, the palace said, before any money was sent on the monarch’s behalf.

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