The royal mom is such a huge fan of the luxury line Love in Ky , she has even ordered bespoke items for Prince George
Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty

While we know that Princess Kate has a penchant for Spanish children’s clothing, it seems that the royal mom is also a big fan of Italian kids’ wear – in particular a cashmere line that she bulk buys for both Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

In fact, Kate loves the luxurious Love in Ky line so much that she recently asked the designer to make a blue-hooded cashmere coat for 2-year-old George to match a pink one owned by 7-month-old Charlotte, as his size was no longer available.

“We are very honored that George and Charlotte wear Love in Ky , designer and founder Elisabetta Gazzotti tells PEOPLE, adding. “Of course when we knew, we were so proud because this is a recognition of our job and the high quality of our garments.”

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Kate first spotted the brand in London’s Trotters stores (she often frequents the King’s Road branch), where she once purchased a pair of cashmere baby booties for George, and the brand has also caught the eye of both Auntie Pippa and the children’s nanny Maria Turrion Borrallo, who have both made purchases from the line.

And it looks like there’s no chance of the royal siblings feeling the winter chill anytime soon, as the pair have more than 16 items between them, with Charlotte keeping herself toasty in a multitude of pink-and-white cardigans, pink leggings and a pink blanket with a white frill, while George has since outgrown his booties but now stays snug in a cashmere jumper and his bespoke coat, all of which are in pale blue.

And of course, Gazzotti, who is based in the town of Treviso in northeast Italy, couldn’t have been happier to receive a personal note from her most famous customer.

“I received a letter from Kate and William, thanking me for everything, which was wonderful,” she says. “I was so happy.”

With the yarns (which are chemical-free), all produced in Italy comprising of completely natural fibers such as cashmere, silk-cashmere, and extra-fine merino wool, the fine garments require hand-washing. (Likely not a chore that falls to Kate.)

The Kyò line is available at Trotters or the Nursery Window in London, and also available online at Susie and Toto.