Find Out What Prince Albert's Royal Twins Got for Their 3rd Birthday (Hint: 'Not' a Princess Toy!)

Hint: Your kids may have asked for the very same toys this year.

Thierry Orban/Getty
Photo: Thierry Orban/Getty

How do you top a toddler royal birthday party?

Three words: mechanical polar bears.

(It also helps if you have your own museum.)

Monaco’s royal twins, Princess Gabriella ‎ and Prince Jacques, turned three on December 10 and their father, Prince Albert II, tells PEOPLE exclusively that their weekend included two parties spread out over a couple of days.

While no pictures have been released yet, Prince Albert describes the festivities as “great fun.”

To up their game from last year’s jungle-themed party, royal mom Princess Charlene organized “a birthday party with friends they’ve made at kids’ club or the daycare center and their parents,” says Albert, 59. “That was Friday at the big room in the Oceanographic Museum, at this special display they’re having for the holidays.

“It’s kind of a Polar Arctic setting. ‎There’s stuff like mechanized polar bears that move their hands and arms — it was really fun.

“Then we had a little celebration up at Roc Agel yesterday with Charlene’s family, and that‎ was nice.”

What does one give a 3-year-old prince and princess?

Prince Jacques, his father discloses, “got a little Hot Wheels. The truck and launcher. You know with the rubber band? So he can have them do the looping.” Showing a little puzzlement, he adds, ‎”I don’t know who’s given him these, because I only gave him a few and he’s got at least 25 different little Hot Wheels cars‎ now.

And Princess Gabriella received “a Barbie doll and the Barbie Dream Horse.”

Was that by chance, a Barbie princess doll?

“No just a Barbie,” he winks. “Let’s not overdo the princess thing, okay?”

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