Hurley says she's excited to see an American join the royal family

Elizabeth Hurley has one piece of advice for Meghan Markle: Pick the best tiara.

Hurley, who stars as Queen Helena on the hit E! soap opera The Royals, spoke to PEOPLE about Meghan and Prince Harry‘s upcoming nuptials, saying she’s excited to see an American join the royal family.

“I think it’s excellent news,” says the English actress, 52. “Meghan looks incredibly princess-y, and hopefully there will be lots more mini princes and princesses soon for the world to drool over.”

And while Hurley will be traveling during the wedding on Saturday, she offered a little tongue-in-cheek advice from one fictional queen to a real-life future princess.

“I’d tell her to grab the best tiara,” she says, adding that one of her favorite perks from working on Royals is getting to wear a crown. “I may buy myself one.”

Elizabeth Hurley and Meghan Markle
| Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty; Samir Hussein/WireImage

Hurley teamed up with Words with Friends to create the Royal Social Dictionary (launching today) ahead of the highly anticipated May 19 wedding. The star says she’s excited to share some of her favorite homegrown words with the world.

“I lived in America for 10 years and constantly used all the words that I’ve added to Words With Friends. I had no idea that nobody understood what I was saying,” she says. “My American friends must have thought I was very odd when I’d announce that I’d just ‘dropped a clanger’ or was ‘feeling knackered.’ “

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And if there were one U.K. word or phrase she could bring to the U.S., what would it be?

“Oh, Americans have to start using the word ‘naff,’ ” she says. “It’s the best word ever. You use it when you think something is cheesy — but it’s more derisory. You definitely don’t want to be described as ‘naff!’ ”

In September, Words With Friends launched it largest dictionary update ever, including a new Social Dictionary inspired by pop culture and social trends. The Royal Social Dictionary is the first of many expansions to the popular game.