We'll take one of each!

By Caris Davis
February 08, 2016 10:30 AM
Courtesy Dutch Royal Family

The Netherlands’ royal family has launched a new website to showcase its stunning collection of historic objects.

The site displays more than 300 unusual or remarkable items – including oil paintings, illuminated manuscripts, valuable artworks, old photos and precious objects.

Some are held by Dutch museums, art galleries and other institutions. But many are the private property of the royals themselves, given to or acquired (during several centuries) by Holland’s Royal House of Orange-Nassau.

Royal weddings are prominently featured, appropriately enough since King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary the day after the website went live.

Courtesy Dutch Royal Family

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Among the pictures, books, sheet music and other esoterica, some finds are more fun than others. Exhibits range from the medieval to the more modern – and include a few items that are so unusual as to be almost beyond categorization.

The website represents just a small part of the larger cultural heritage of the House of Orange-Nassau, according to an official statement on behalf of the Netherlands’ monarchy. The display will change with new items being added periodically.

The aim is to make the Dutch treasures available to everyone. An archive provides an educational dimension, since each object is expertly catalogued with curatorial details including its date of creation and history.