The Duchess of Cambridge is surprised with a mini lookalike of herself while touring Ayrshire, Scotland
Credit: Rex USA (2)

We’ve always thought the Duchess of Cambridge was a real doll, but it turns out she may not agree.

During a visit to Dumfries House in Ayrshire, Scotland, the expectant royal was presented with a Barbie-like doll of herself from a young admirer, but had to admit she didn’t see the resemblance.

“Oh no, is that me? Is that meant to be me?” Kate asked Dayna Miller, 11, with a smile. “Does my hair really look like that?”

Miller told the Mirror that she reassured Kate that she was much prettier than the doll, and “she laughed and seemed happy.”

And while the plastic princess may be wearing a knockoff dress, Catherine herself was busy recycling real designer items from her own wardrobe. The red coat she wore with her favorite Strathearn tartan scarf to the Dumfries House tour is an Armani she last wore to Prince William‘s military academy graduation, in 2006.