Royal aides dismiss reports the basketball star broke protocol when he put his arm around the Duchess of Cambridge
Credit: Neilson Barnard/AP

When LeBron James put his arm around Princess Kate after Monday night’s Brooklyn Nets-Cleveland Cavaliers game, London papers lit up with reports that he had broken royal protocol.

However, royal aides have dismissed any accusations that a breach in protocol occurred, adding that both Kate and Prince William want people to feel comfortable around them.

Indeed, a palace source told PEOPLE earlier this month: “When they’re meeting people, they want to have a conversation without the other person worrying too much about how to address them.”

The source added: “The message is, address them in whatever way you feel most comfortable.”

The incident with James recalled a time in 2009 when First Lady Michelle Obama gave Queen Elizabeth a hug, a move that some considered to be too forward.

But this is a different generation of royals. William and Kate famously engaged in some surprising PDA at the 2012 Olympics. Clearly, besides being tradition-shattering, this is a hands-on couple.

Watch the video below and tell us: Do you think James was too familiar with Kate?

• Reporting by SIMON PERRY