In an interview taped ahead of her 40th birthday, Sweden's heir to the throne, Victoria, talked about her teenage struggles

By Caris Davis
May 26, 2017 01:30 PM
Michael Campanella/Getty Images

Crown Princess Victoria is opening up about her past.

Sweden’s heir apparent sat down for an interview featured in a new documentary about her life, produced ahead of her 40th birthday later this summer. In it, Victoria discussed her struggles with body image, and the eating disorder she battled as a teenager.

She said she faced the truth about her eating disorder for the first time in her later teenage years, just as she was due to attend Sweden’s Uppsala University.

“I went through a tough time,” she said in the documentary, which premiered this week on the Swedish channel TV4.

With a push from her parents, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia, she decided that rather than heading straight to school, she’d spend some low-key time in the United States. 

“I needed time to sort things out and get my balance back again,” Victoria, who celebrates her birthday on July 14, said. “I needed to get to know myself, discover where my limits were, not constantly push myself too much.”

Though it was a “tough time,” Victoria admits her past eating disorder had one very positive result.

In treatment for her eating disorder, doctors recommended she partake in more strenuous physical activity. This included sessions at the gym — where, in 2002, she met her future husband Prince Daniel, who was then a personal trainer.

Today, the crown princess is a mother to two children: Princess Estelle, 5, and Prince Oscar, 1. In the new interview, she also discussed how proud she is of her daughter, Princess Estelle, and shared some insight about the little royal’s personality.

“She is very curious about people, she is very social and very brave,” Victoria said. “It’s an asset in life, particularly in her role.”

Her daughter’s gregarious nature, Victoria says, is a product of both of Estelle’s parents.

“He’s a lively and sociable man,” Victoria said of her husband. “So I think Estelle gets her character  from both of us.”