A prank? A sudden style impulse? And why at a formal banquet? We need answers!

By Caris Davis
May 10, 2017 11:51 AM
Credit: Zuma

King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway’s epic 80th birthday party seemed to have it all: a regal yacht moored in the harbor, visiting royals from six European dynasties, 21 glittering tiaras, a mystery guest in a red dress (and Wonder Woman-style headpiece!) — and one odd makeover.

The Norwegian royal couple’s son and heir apparent, Crown Prince Haakon, 43, is famous for his beard. It’s been his signature style since he first grew it on his honeymoon with his princess bride Mette-Marit in 2001.

During Tuesday night’s banquet dinner, the crown prince, who was sitting next to his mother Queen Sonja, suddenly rose and left the table.

When he returned some minutes later, he sported the same look as before. With one big difference: He was beardless.

Later, Crown Princess Mette-Marit could be seen shedding a tear as he later stood up to make a speech honoring his parents. (Or perhaps she was weeping for her husband’s lost scruff?)

“I think he may have done it for a bet,” Norwegian royal-watcher Kjell Arne Totland told the national broadcaster TV2. “Or perhaps it was an 80th birthday present for Mom and Dad.”