Daniel Martin's makeup models also wore looks from Meghan Markle's recent Smart Works capsule collection

By People Staff
October 18, 2019 02:24 PM
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Celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert Daniel Martin is breaking down his office beauty tips in this week’s Royal Report.

In addition to celebrity clients such as Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Nina Dobrev and Elisabeth Moss, Martin is also the wedding makeup artist and longtime friend of Meghan Markle.

Martin, who is a Dior Beauty brand ambassador and creative consultant for Honest Beauty, recently transformed the office beauty looks of Royal Report host Sharon Carpenter and producer Jillian Fleischman. (Carpenter and Fleischman also wore looks from Meghan’s recent Smart Works capsule collection!)

For Fleischman’s look, Martin explains he wants to “open up your eyes a bit by using mascara as a liquid liner and using lipstick on her cheek — something that will give you that flexibility without having to have more makeup in your bag.”

Tip #1: Use a fine tip brush to make your mascara work as an eyeliner.

Tip #2: Use your lipstick to add a little color to your cheeks.

“These are very easy steps, takes no time to do once you figure it out, but then it’s really important to understand the multi-functioning of each product that you can eventually achieve,” Martin says.

For Carpenter’s look, Martin wants to “refresh your makeup and play up what you can do with your makeup to spice it up for evening.”

Tip #3: Create a cat eye to take your look from day to night.

“First I’m going to refresh your makeup with a dewy mist spray,” Martin explains before he mixes a bit of concealer and foundation together to add dimension to her complexion.

Tip #4: Mixing concealer with foundation softens the look.

“I like to do this because the concealer tends to be a bit more full coverage and having foundation added to it makes everything a bit softer, but you still get that coverage that you want.”

“I like to start from the center and work my way out,” he shares.

To achieve the soft look, Martin uses and eyeshadow brush on the face as a buffing brush.

Tip #5: Keep a multifunctional brush at your desk.

Martin then dusts Carpenter’s eyes with a gorgeous gold eyeshadow shimmer before adding a bit of contouring.

Tip #6: Highlight before contouring to see where the light hits your face.

“So much of it is about creating just a bit more strength. Some people contour and then highlight, I’m going to highlight first. By doing this, it enables me to see where the light hits your face and then work around that.”

As Martin completed Carpenter’s look, they chatted about Meghan’s natural wedding day beauty.

“The first rule of thumb is she never likes her freckles covered,” he shares, adding that he had to consider all the “different lighting scenarios” that day.

“She was in the procession and outside for like an hour, in the church, getting to the church, inside the car, so I kept her skin really minimal, It was just a lot of hydration, minimal coverage, a little bit of foundation and a little bit of concealer. I just really wanted her skin to come through.

“It’s just finding products that work really well for you that you can easily task so you’re not having to spend too much time on your makeup.”

Martin concluded his segment by sharing his top five must-haves for the office:

  1. Mist spray atomizer: To help refresh your makeup throughout the day and to refresh you.
  2. Blot papers: To get you rid of the shine after you were sweating over that deadline.
  3. Bag of no-brainer lipsticks: All your favorite shades from neutral pink to berry.
  4. Mascara: A must to keep at your desk.
  5. An open mind: Don’t be afraid to be adventurous. You’re allowed to try new things, even at the office!

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