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Monique Jessen
August 07, 2015 09:40 AM

When Prince Harry visited New Zealand in May, he was welcomed with Maori greetings, warm Kiwi hugs and many local gifts – one of which, a golden bicycle, he was unable to take back home to the U.K.

Now the “gold” bike – which was spray-painted by members of the Student Volunteer Army to benefit local communities and given to Harry on his visit to the University of Canterbury back in May – could be yours for as little as $240.

On the auction site Trade Me, the item is listed as “a glorious bike made for a prince,” adding that while bad weather meant that the 30-year-old royal was unable to ride it, he did “examine and touch the bike.”

The SVA were the social media movement responsible for mobilizing 11,000 students to assist the huge clean up operation needed after the devastating earthquakes hit the New Zealand city of Christchurch in 2010. They encourage community action to prepare for and deal with disasters.

The road bike, which is “so beautiful to ride,” has been through the group’s bike restoration project, which recovers lost and stolen bikes from around the campus and re-gifts them to those who have been the victims of bike theft.

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Bidding is currently at a bargain price of $240 and all funds raised will help those affected by Cyclone Pam, which hit the Pacific archipelago of Vanatu back in March.

While anyone can bid, the site listing recommends someone of a princely stature – “around the height of Prince Harry (189cm to be precise).” (That’s 6′ 2″!)

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