Burger King has been dethroned!

By Caris Davis
June 02, 2017 01:25 PM
Credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty; Evan Agostini/Getty

Burger King has been dethroned!

Belgium’s Royal Palace has successfully shut down an ad campaign run by Burger King that asked citizens to choose the true ruler of the European country: King Philippe or the fast-food giant.

On a website (whoistheking.be) launched by Burger King, residents of the small West European country were asked to vote for who they’d like to be king of their nation ahead of the opening of Burger King’s first Belgian restaurant on June 19.

Visitors were prompted on the site with the text: “Two Kings. One Crown. Who will rule? Vote now.” Anyone choosing the cartoon icon of Belgium’s King Phillipe was asked: “Are you sure? He won’t make your fries for you.”

Burger King did not respond to PEOPLE’s requests for comment.

The site has now been shut down and replaced with a screen displaying the company’s now-modified logo that just says “Burger” above text (in French or Dutch) that reads: “There’s no place for two kings in Belgium.”

The move comes after representatives of Burger King were summoned to the palace on Wednesday, according to the Dutch journal Vorsten, when officials made it clear that the company had bitten off more than it could chew with the promotion.

A spokesman said the use of the king’s image — depicted as a cartoon caricature on the original website — must be approved by the royal family.

“We disapprove of this approach,” palace spokesman Pierre Emmanuel de Bauw said. “Since it is for commercial purposes, we would not have given our authorization.”

A spokesman for Burger Brands Belgium said talks had been “cordial and constructive,” according to the outlet

King Philippe I became Belgium’s seventh monarch in 2013 after his father Albert abdicated as the head of the nation.