Prince Harry has some competition!

By Simon Perry
January 19, 2018 10:58 AM

Prince Harry has some competition!

A bold young boy asked the royal and his fiancée Meghan Markle if they had walked down the aisle yet — and was told by the fun-loving prince not to get any ideas!

As the engaged couple chatted to a group of young students during their visit to Cardiff, Wales, on Thursday, the kids excitedly hugged the soon-to-be royal bride and were quick to ask questions.

“One boy in the dance group asked them if they were married yet,” Hannah Winmill, development officer with the UsGirls organization, tells PEOPLE.

“And Harry said, ‘No, no we’re not married yet.’ And then he joked, ‘Back off!’ ”

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She adds, “They were really, really relaxed and were really fab with the girls.”

Later in the visit, Meghan received a giant group hug (after some encouragement from Harry!) following a dance performance from the children.

Meghan Markle
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The couple learned how UsGirls, a sister charity to StreetGames, encourages girls to be active and address the disparity between girls’ and boys’ participation in sports.

“They were really great with the girls,” Lowri Suter, a volunteer with UsGirls, adds. “They are really interested in the well-being of young people and the healthiness within the mind and not just the body.”

They had a relaxed way with all the children. “It was general conversation with the girls – asking them what schools they went to and what activities they took part in,” Suter says.

Winmill adds, “They were so down to earth. That was really important as it wasn’t intimidating for them. I was really nervous but they put us all at ease.

“There is massive gender gap between males and females taking up sport and StreetGames recognized that. It has been very, very successful. We work with hard to reach girls who are not your typical sporty girls.”

The couple also caught up with some kids playing table tennis and Jenga. “I love this game!” Meghan said, adding, “You need so much patience for it, it teaches you patience, too.”

Clutching her throat with her hand, she added: “It makes me so nervous just watching it!”

Meghan Markle
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Louie Trevett, 10, tells PEOPLE: “She was nice to all of us. On her first try she had one out so everyone was clapping.”

Center assistant Lewis Rees-Wilkins, who runs a girls’ gym class and helps with the youth club, says: “It was great for the community to have them here. For everyone to see that the center is important to get children into sport because there’s not much around here. It is tempting for children to just be out on the streets so if we can offer free classes it can get them involved.”

He tells PEOPLE: “They were really chilled and happy to get involved — they really enjoyed speaking with the kids. That was what they were here for — to see what the kids were doing.”

Meghan and Harry ended the day watched a group of children street dancing to songs including “Boomerang” and “Despacito.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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The couple — particularly Meghan — were clearly entranced as they walked in. And Harry couldn’t help trying out a few moves of his own!

A little girl told him: “I’m going be dancing at your wedding.”

“You’re going to be dancing at my wedding?” Harry responded. “Promise?”

“Oh my gosh, you guys are so sweet,” said Meghan.

“Who’s the best dancer in the room then?” asked Harry.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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The couple also bent down to chat to a little girl, Eloise, 7, who had to be led away from the group crying because she was so overwhelmed.

“I used to be shy, too,’ Meghan told her.