Plus, she addresses whether a baby is in the stars for the couple!

By Monique Jessen
Updated April 30, 2012 08:30 AM
Credit: Luke MacGregor/Reuters/Landov

As Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge wrap their first year of marriage, Penny Thornton – former astrologer to Princess Diana – says the couple’s stars are perfectly aligned for another happy year ahead.

“You couldn’t have put the astrological symbols in a better place, ” says Thornton on the pairing of Kate, a Capricorn (born January 9, 1982) and William, a Cancer (born June 21, 1982). “They even have the sun/moon tie up. It’s classic symmetry.”

Looking to the stars to see what the year ahead will hold for the royal couple, Thornton says: “It’s all about re-establishing the popularity of the monarchy and they will continue with that.”

And the duchess will continue to grow into her new role, which will prove more integral than ever. “She might not have been born royal, but she is what the royal family needs and she is the great hope for the monarchy,” Thornton adds.

William, who shares the same star sign as his mother Princess Diana, has some big decisions on the horizon with regards to the future of the monarchy. “He wants to make it relevant to the people, in many ways echoing the spirit of his mother,” says Thornton. While Kate with her “self-discipline and real empathy with people” will be the support system Prince William needs.

“When things are difficult, she steps right up to the plate – she’s got a wonderful temperament and her moon in Cancer gives her an instinctive connection with people,” reveals Thornton.

Of course, the question everyone wants to know: Will there be a pitter patter of tiny royal feet next year?

“They will eventually have a family but it will be a surprise for them. But she is very maternal and they’ll make good parents when it happens.”