Princess Charlotte has perfected her royal poker face!

By Erin Hill
May 01, 2017 09:16 AM

Princess Charlotte has perfected her royal poker face!

The littlest royal, who turns 2 on Tuesday, is all business in her birthday portrait released Monday — and this isn’t the first time she has kept a straight face for the cameras.

The Duchess of Cambridge/PA Wire

Here are all the times Princess Charlotte was so not impressed!

A royal sugar rush on Christmas morning wasn’t going to get Charlotte to crack a smile!

Danny Martindale/WireImage

Even while on her way to a playdate filled with toys and balloons, Charlotte was skeptical.

Chris Jackson/Pool/Getty

A royal snow day didn’t phase Charlotte!

John Stillwell/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Even at 6 months old, Charlotte was a pensive princess!

Duchess of Cambridge

A sweet kiss and a cuddle from big brother Prince George wasn’t enough to break the newborn princess!


Last year’s birthday portrait on her first birthday made the whole world smile. Charlotte? Not so much.

Source Kensington Royal/Twitter

After a long flight to Canada, Charlotte needed a little “me time.”

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But even the most serious of princesses has a weakness…

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