Including one named Cinderella!
Credit: PA Wire/Landov

There are a few special horses who have the distinct honor of participating in the annual Trooping the Colour parade alongside the royal family — including one named Cinderella!

The royal steed is one of the horses who pulls Kate’s barouche carriage in the procession at Trooping the Colour from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards Parade each year. Kate is typically joined in the carriage by brother-in-law Prince Harry and mother-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

As he did in years past, Prince Charles will ride atop a horse named George – matching the name of his 3-year-old grandson, who last year made his first balcony appearance in 2015.

George’s dad Prince William takes the reigns of Wellesley, who is described by the Army department who look after the horse as “a calm mottled grey.”

But last year marked the last ceremonial ride for Elizabeth – who was named for the guest-of-honor the Queen. She was ridden for the last time by Princess Anne before the horse was retired, the Army tells PEOPLE.

This year, Anne, who like William and Charles is a regimental Colonel and hence rides horseback on the parade, will have to pick out a new steed to take her down the Mall.

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These horses are among the 300 or so who will be on parade. The horses of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (which boasts 235 Cavalry Black Horses, 14 Greys and 4 Drum horses and two currently in training) stand at a minimum of 16.2 hands in height with “plenty of bone [strong legs] and substance,” an Army spokesperson says. “This is necessary when one considers the weight of soldiers in state kit with their horse ‘furniture.’ “