All About Prince George's Birthday Tea Party in the Countryside: 'If There Is a Bouncy Castle, Kate Will Be on It!'

While the world is cooing over his adorable birthday photos, Prince George is enjoying a celebratory tea party

Photo: Matt Porteous/PA

While the world is cooing over his too-cute-for-words birthday pictures, Prince George is enjoying a celebratory tea party with all his friends and family.

At home in Norfolk, Prince George’s birthday is set to be a quintessentially British affair with sandwiches, tea and, of course, lots of cake – but there is unlikely to be any lavish or extravagant themes.

“I don’t think it will be over the top. It will be a low-key countryside affair and there will definitely be local kids from nursery there,” says maternity nurse Sarah Dixon, who has worked with friends of Prince William and Princess Kate.

At their main residence of Anmer Hall, the royal couple would have organized a fun day, full of games and activities for their many guests, which are sure to include Kate’s family and likely some of William’s family, especially those with younger children, like Zara Tindall and her fun-loving daughter Mia.

“If there is a bouncy castle, Kate will be on it, I’m sure!” says Dixon, adding, “I can imagine her doing a three-legged race across the garden with the kids and just being very normal and hands on.”

“Normal” is something that both Kate and William seem keen on maintaining for their two children, George and Princess Charlotte, who are often seen on walks to the park or enjoying an al-fresco picnic with mom and dad. “I think they will be keen to have a bit of normality on his birthday and Kate especially will want him to have play friends over to the house so that he can interact with them. She will be keen to encourage that.”

But what does one buy a 3-year-old prince?

“They would have had a lot of gifts from friends and family and all of her friends will shop at the same shops as her, such as Trotters, which she loves,” says Dixon, adding that while we mostly see the royal siblings with traditional wooden toys, that may not be the case behind closed doors. “I don’t think they are ever going to be seen with a plastic ‘Mike the Knight’ figure, but probably at home, he has all sorts of toys, just like any other little boy.”

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With aunt Pippa Middleton spotted loading boxes from her family’s party merchandise company, Party Pieces, into her car earlier this week, Kate could have called upon her mom Carole Middleton and newly-engaged Pippa to help with the finishing touches.

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“Party Pieces has a vintage plane range, which is really cute,” says Dixon, adding that after George’s recent day out at an air show, “He clearly loves planes.”

Whatever the theme, mom Kate will be on hand to make sure everything goes smoothly. “She comes across as natural and loving but also a fun mom who will want to run around with her kids – and it’s actually very refreshing to see someone in the public eye looking so natural and so genuine as a mum.”

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